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“Bayangkan beritahu kawan2 yang bapa kau Lee Chong Wei..” – Anak LCW tamat tadika

Siapa yang tidak mengenali jaguh badminton dunia, Datuk Wira Lee Chong Wei (LCW) yang mengharumkan nama negara menerusi sukan badminton. Setiap kejayaan yang diraih pasti menjadi kebanggaan rakyat Malaysia.

Baru-baru ini, bekas pemain berusia 37 tahun itu berkongsi sebuah posting di laman Instagram yang menghadiri majlis graduasi pra-sekolah anak sulungnya iaitu Kingston Lee yang berusia enam tahun.

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31 years ago. I had no mortarboard. No robe. No flowers. Just a six-year-old me, wearing my torn out shoes going in front of the class to receive a certificate for completing my kindergarten studies. I didn’t even know what happened. At that moment, I just wanted to get over it and go out to play with my friends. I remembered some kids are crying. I was not. Only that I was laughing at them. Suddenly I was given a friendly slap at the back of my head. It was my mum. Pulling my ear to one side, telling me not to be such a rascal. She said some of them cried because their parents couldn’t make it. Only then I appreciated my family for being there, even though it was just a simple end of year prize giving ceremony. Certainly not a convocation. I went home. With my cert at one hand. And a 10 cent Popsicle on the other hand. It was a gift from dad. That’s all. We went home happy. Today I went to my son’s kindergarten ‘convocation’. If I wasn’t careful, I thought my son graduated with a bachelor’s degree already. Full graduation robe. Rehearsals. Performances. And most kids coming down from stage were given flowers. Maybe the time has changed. But me and my wife had the same smile like when my parents had for me 31 years ago. Kingston did me proud. He got two awards. Haha, despite not significant, an award is still an award. He is certainly better than me when I was his age. He got an award for spelling. I couldn’t even spell ‘spelling’ when I was six. Joke aside. Seeing him went up stage to collect his award gave me goosebumps. I never had a chance to graduate with a university degree. I hope one day, I can live to see my two sons wear the real mortarboard . #gratefultoteachers #gratefultoheadmistress #gratefultoschool 今天是大儿子Kingston的幼儿园毕业典礼,现在的学习环境和30年前真的不一样了,那个物资匮乏的年代,没有鲜花没有四方帽,很多家长甚至忙着工作没有时间出席孩子的毕业典礼,而我们就这样长大了。 如今,时代进步,看着孩子们在一个更为健全的教育制度和环境下学习很是欣慰,嘉谦这个好动的孩子可以拿到听写奖和表现优秀奖,真的觉得很骄傲,感谢校长、班主任、各位老师循循善诱的指导。👍

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“Kingston berjaya membuat saya bangga. Dia mendapat dua anugerah. Walaupun tidak penting, anugerah adalah anugerah.

“Prestasi dia lebih baik daripada saya semasa saya seusia dia. Dia mendapat anugerah ejaan terbaik.

“Namun ketika saya berumur enam tahun saya tidak dapat mengeja dengan betul,” katanya.

Isterinya Datin Wong Mew Choo turut hadir bagi meraikan kejayaan anak mereka anak mereka yang juga merupakan bekas pemain badminton perseorangan wanita negara.

Ramai warganet tumpang gembira atas kejayaan anak jaguh pemain badminton itu serta mengusik bagaimana jika orang bertanya tentang status sebagai seorang anak jaguh badminton negara.

Pasangan tersebut berkahwin pada 10 November 2012 selepas 11 tahun bercinta. Mereka dikurniakan dua anak lelaki iaitu Kingston Lee, 6 dan Terrence Lee, 4 tahun.

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